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This site provides up-to-date information on conference calls and participating therapists, information on Tong Ren, and links to other sites. Note that Tom Tom now has video broadcasts most days of the week - please visit to see the broadcast schedule!  The free voice conference call schedule and caller guidelines are tabled below. 
Each participant is responsible for  long-distance costs to this number. Recently, we are advised that calls from Canada are blocked by the telecom provider. Pat McLeod has found, however, that from Canada you can set up Skype for a very reasonable rate, and it works to the conference calls. 

 ID CODE                                                     7501379#
To Mute *6;     Un-Mute *7

Basics and Beyond:
Anatomy for Tong Ren Healing

A One-Day Seminar by Rick Kuethe
Author of Tong Ren Therapy—What It Is, Why It Works, and How To Do It

Sunday, October 3, 2010 10 AM—4PM at the Tom Tam Healing Center in Quincy, MA

We recommend this seminar if you are fortunate enough to be close enough to attend! Rick has taken taken Tong Ren healing deeper into anatomy than any other healer, and it will be most instructive to hear him. Listen to Rick on his regular Tuesday night call, or at Quincy at his Saturday morning GP class, and you'll see why. 

Click on the icon below to see more detail, and how to register: 

ricks_anatomy_course.jpg (183665 bytes)

And, of course, we're proud to support

Rick Kuethe's book on Tong Ren Therapy

What it is, why it works, and how to do it!
For details, and available from us using PayPal or any credit card, click on the icon below:

Rick_kuethe_book_cover_websize.jpg (178865 bytes)

Conference Calls and our Fiji Foundation 501c3 venture! 
For several years now, Janet and I have been on the Board of the Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji, a not-for-profit started by Carol and Philip Wachniak from (Tong Ren) in Chicago. We're building a large school in rural Fiji! We have 100 acres of special land, the design is well developed and the project approved in principle through the Fijian Ministry of Education and the Ambassador in America. It's time to commence fund raising in earnest. Our first major fund raising is a donation event, in which we're asking for a "Bula Brick" donation - and everyone who donates $10 is awarded a ticket in our competition. The prizes?  First prize, a week in a top resort in Fiji; second prize, a week at a Dolphin Retreat in Hawaii!  These are a big deal. We have found the spirit and generosity of the Pacific world towards our education project to be incredible. 

We'd like to invite our Thursday night callers, and callers from other nights, who have benefitted from Tong Ren. to participate in this fund raising. We would certainly like to hear of your appreciation for our efforts for the calls in a small but tangible way, via a "bula brick" or two for Fiji. You can find out all about the project at and how to donate a "Bula Brick" or more at the special site,

We look forward to hearing from our callers on the Thursday call, how they like the Fiji project and what we're all trying to do in this tropical paradise.

Tong Ren and Other Energy Techniques - by Janet and Craig
Every Tong Ren practitioner has learned Tom Tam's unique and brilliant system, connecting the Collective Unconscious to Chi healing energy and using this to find and release blockages. Tom uses acupuncture identification points as the basic map to these points. Tom's system is a detailed science, studying and understanding his points and rationale for their use in different cases.

However, most practitioners have developed their own style, and many have special in-depth focus to aspects of Tong Ren, and have also added other elements such as nutrition management, and general relaxation or special massage techniques. 

We have ranged further still in the search to enhance the effectiveness of Tong Ren and energy healing in general. Our study to date has included Lynne McTaggart (of The Intention Experiment), Richard Bartlett (of Matrix Energetics), and Raymon Grace (energy management, healing and dowsing). We have also been delighted to work with colleagues who have medical intuitive capabilities and strong related healing skills, particularly Jan L. Benner and Rachel Selikoff. 

Our Thursday night call has become a test bed, and a blending of some techniques, as we we develop experience and practice with what works, what doesn't, and how to improve the health of our callers both short and longer term. 

Please note our standard Disclaimers we are advised to display for anyone attending our Conference calls or packages:

Tong Ren healing and any form of energy healing is not a substitute for consulting a licensed physician.

Only a licensed physician can diagnose an illness and determine its severity. We do not diagnose. 

Please tell your doctor that you are engaging in energetic healing, and specifically Tong Ren.


 jump to top                     Free Conference Call Schedule  (Last update 7/31/10)

NOTE: All calls are listed in Eastern Standard Time, GMT -5 hours ( Time Zone Converter )

Monday 8:30 AM - 8:50 AM Emotions Anubha & Friends




Monday 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM For Animals Marcia & (Furry) Friends
Monday 10:30 AM  - 12:30 PM
Individual Treatments with Mindfulness with a blending of energy techniques & Meditation.
(Email complete set of wishes before the call please.)
Ann & Friends
Monday 10:00 PM - 11:00 pm
Tong Ren Individual Therapy
Onnie & Leatha & Friends
Tuesday  7:00 AM  - 7:30 AM 
Thyroid & Endocrine
Sandra & Friends
Tuesday 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
General Therapy (Spanish-English)
Monica & Friends
Tuesdays  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM General Rick, Carol & Friends
Wednesdays 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM 
IB'ers welcome,,
& ALS Patients
Sandy & Friends
Thursdays 3:00 PM   - 4:00 PM 
Metabolism, Weight Loss, 
Pi Gu for All
Fedele, Kathleen & Friends
Thursdays 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM
General Therapy; a blend of Tong Ren and other techniques in support. 
(Please email us your requests pre-call if you can; we take detailed requests in the first fifteen minutes otherwise.) 
Craig , Janet and Friends
(This call offers Tong Ren and works also with other techniques blended; it's now shorter than we've previously done since inception)

Friday In-Betweeners   Noon Janice, Charlene & Friends
Friday 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM 
Therapy for Metabolism
Sheila Smith & Friends

Sunday WhileYouSleep Distant Healing.  (Email to request to be included.) Ann & Friends

Saturday Evening - 6:00 PM
(This call is currently on hold - email Janet for status.)


jump to top                              Conference Call Participant Guidelines

Simple Steps to Health

1.       Dial 712 432 3900

2.       Enter the passcode: 7501379 and press #

3.       Do not speak until a practitioner asks for names.

4.       When called on, give the areas needing treatment. Please be brief.    Long descriptions leave less time for treatment. 3 wishes only.

5.       After you have checked in, mute your phone by pressing *6; 
    to unmute when it's your turn for treatment, press *7

6.       If you come on late, wait to check-in.

During and After the Call

1.       Stay in a comfortable position. Breathe slowly and deeply and stay present.

2.       Be clear about your intention to heal. Make friends with your body. It is an amazing instrument, and while it may feel as though it has let you down, it has not. The body wants to maintain health, and will help you to keep balanced.

3.       Stay on for an hour or more if possible with your phone muted to pick up the chi (participation will help you and the whole call). 

4.       Tom Tam recommends these calls for learning points. Integrate the information you hear into your daily treatments, whether for yourself, family or friends. If possible, attend a Tong Ren seminar (see

5.       After you hang up, relax a bit before getting up and resuming your normal activities.

Let's see.. what does he want me to say... L3? GB13? 
(well... this was in 2005 ... so what's changed?)

We have found that the collective chi develops quickly and strongly in a call, if participants, with or without dolls, focus their intent for each patient as the call progresses. When it's your turn, relax and let the collective energy come to you. Practitioners, family members and friends are also encouraged to doll along as points are called.

jump to top                                                       An Insider’s Guide to Tong Ren-Speak

Those of us who have been around Guinea Pig Classes for a bit have noticed how first-time visitors seem confused when they hear certain phrases. In fact, it’s pretty basic stuff. Below are some translations of phrases often heard during a class: 

Tong Ren-Speak

Translation for New Guinea Pigs

Tong Ren

This energy healing thing started by some Chinese guy in Boston…

What is your complaining?

What would you like a treatment for?

Ouch Point

Origin of disease; often where it hurts when someone does Tui Na

Tui Na

A really uncomfortable but effective way of working on blockages—with fingers (a form of acupuncture-type massage)

Do you want me to doll you?

Want a Tong Ren treatment?

That is the auto immune’s problem

Your symptoms say your autoimmune system is blocked—upper back, T1, T2, T3 (usually followed by T4)

Simple-easy, 1,  2,  3

Treatment for autoimmune issues

Better is better, no argue

Tom’s response to people saying in amazement that they think they feel a little better after 30 seconds of treatment

Just say No to drugs

You might want to review your prescription meds

You ready?

It’s your turn, time to sit back and receive

When talking about your symptoms, remember it’s important to use the terms Better, Worse, or Same.” “Still” does not tell therapists if they are treating the correct points, and often Still actually means slightly better, an important sign of progress that the patient needs to recognize to keep moving forward. Above all, remember, avoid saying “Still”! (That really bugs Tom Tam.)

Guaranteed: With this information anyone can be an expert on proper Guinea Pig Class protocol!


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